23-26 May 2015


The research team of the HF-Wii study went to the Heart Failure 2015 congres in Seville Spain and promoted and shared thought and feedback from prominent researchers in the field. Also Tuvia Ben Gal (main invesigator Israel), Ercole Vellone (main investigator Italy) and Josiane Boyne (main investigator the Netherlands) attended the conference. They all shared their experiences in the project.



Tiny Jaarsma had two talks where she also pointed out the HF-Wii study. One talk was in the session Exercise testing and training, with the title: "Computer gaming: an addendum or an alternative?". She talked about exergaming and explained this concepts really clear (see picture below). Also she discussed the study, its methods and how far we are today.




In the last session of the conference, Tiny had to present a part of the highlights of the congres, with the title "Nursing & Telemonitoring". Here also she pointed out that exergaming might be a step for heart failure patients in becoming more active.




Leonie Klompstra presented a poster with research supporting the background of the HF-Wii study: "Physical activity in heart tfailure patients living in two european countries". 


The conference was in the beautiful city Seville. After the conference we had some time to explore (see pictures below).