In this substudy Medical Yoga will be tested next to the Wii and the control group in the HF-Wii study and therefore the substudy will be called HF-Wii plus MediYoga.


Inclusion process in the Yoga Group


updated 25-03-2015


The heart failure patients could participate in 60-minute Medical Yoga session, twice a week. The patients will be able to participate in a total of 20-24 sessions over a 12-week period. Heart failure patients in this sub-sudy will perform the yoga while sitting on a chair. A CD and a hand-out on how to perform yoga postures will be given to the patient at the first appointment. The yoga postures consist of a combination of formard, backward and sideward bends and twists and balance poses. All the posures can be individually modified.


One session of 60 minutes of Medical Yoga consists of: